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Chris Bell

What do Printed Mailing Boxes Add to a Customer’s Experience?

You have two main choices when purchasing mailing boxes to ship your products in. You can pick generic, boring boxes that don’t stand out in the mail and look just like everything else, or you can choose printed mailing boxes that have custom imagery printed all over them.

Well, you might just choose the generic route since they’re slightly cheaper, but is that really the right way to go? What do printed mailing boxes add to the customer experience to make the added price worthwhile?

Check it out.

1: Brand Imagery

This one benefits you and the customer. For you, being able to get your brand imagery on the mailing box itself allows you to stand out against the competition, and it keeps your brand in the customer’s mind longer; making them more likely to remember you when they want something else.

For the customer, it immediately differentiates your package from all the other packages they get. If they remember what they ordered, they can get that giddy feeling knowing that it’s on their porch right away without having to check shipping labels or crack the box open to figuring it out.

2: Visual Excitement

Imagine it’s the holidays and you bring two kids a present each. One is wrapped in the most colorful, shiny, wrapping paper possible with bows all over it. The other is in a random shoebox you pulled out of your closet. Which kid do you think is going to get the most excited before they even open the package?

The mail works the same way. If you use a normal, generic box, it’s not exciting. It reaches the porch, the customer grabs it, and there’s no more excitement than if they were to go to the mailbox and grab a stack of bills. If you use a box that is visually exciting, the customer gets excited. They know that package isn’t just some boring nonsense.

You want your customers to have this experience; it’s a positive feeling, and they’ll associate it with your brand.

3: Commitment to the Customer

Finally, a customer wants to know you care about them and your product. You do this in a lot of ways already. Whether it’s how you speak to them when they call with questions, or if it’s the amount of care and attention you bring to the table when they want a problem resolved.

Packaging and presentation can also do this.

Who do you think cares more; the company that randomly tosses their product in whatever they have on hand, or the company that puts work into ensuring every aspect of the transaction is enjoyable?

That’s right, they want to deal with the person who puts in the effort. Making sure the mailing box is just as pretty as what’s inside is a big part of doing that.

Printed Mailing Boxes are Key

Printed mailing boxes might seem pointless from a function-over-form point of view, but we assure you, they say a lot more about your business than you think, and they are key to impressing customers.