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How Much Does It Cost to Edit a Personal Statement in Med School?

Admission to a Medical School is an emotional process not only for applicants but also for their relatives and friends. Everyone wants to help in all possible ways:

  • relieve stress
  • give practical advice on paperwork
  • choose the best medical school

But when it comes to editing and proofreading submitted documents, it often turns out that there are no specialists in the inner circle who can do it correctly. Does this mean that it is worth sending a personal statement and other documents without external revision?

Availability of Editorial Services

As a rule, an applicant has invested too much energy into the dream of entering a Medical School to lose this opportunity simply because of grammatical errors in the text. However, this task finds a simple solution thanks to an experienced medical school personal statement editing services. In the same way that an applicant feels called to help people and heal them, EssayEdge editors are enthusiastic to help everyone who turns to them for editing help.

Individual Approach to Each Client in EssayEdge

Each applicant is unique and endowed with his own set of talents:

  • one can handle everything from writing interesting novels to long-distance swims in ponds
  • the other is good in those disciplines that form the basis of his future specialty, but does not pay enough attention to those subjects that seem to him of secondary importance

Therefore, the amount of assistance in editing a personal statement will vary. The EssayEdge platform has developed several pricing plans that allow each applicant to pay a minimum price for editorial work, depending on what kind of help he needs.

Pricing Plans for Proofreading and Editing a Personal Statement on EssayEdge

Proofreading requires a minimal amount of work and therefore costs only $69 for text up to 600 words. It includes the correction of various types of errors and typos, as well as the proofreader’s suggestions for improving the text.

The standard package of services involves a more comprehensive approach:

  • improving the style and tone of the statement
  • work with terminology, content, and structure of the text
  • benevolent criticism aimed at improving the quality of the writing

The price for such work is from $149 for a text up to 600 words.

  • The best choice is the “All in One” package. It involves working on the entire package of documents for admission. In this case, all submitted texts will have a single style. This means that the selection committee will not have any questions about whether one author composed all of them. The cost of preparing the entire package of documents is $229 for a text up to 2400 words.
  • For those applicants who need fundamental assistance in writing a personal statement, a Premier offer is provided. In this package, the editor will accompany the entire process of writing from the formation of a general plan to the final work. The cost of such comprehensive services starts at $379 for a text of 600 words.

Whatever aid you require in preparing your application papers, EssayEdge experts can assist you. They have helped thousands of other applicants, some of whom are successful students today, and others are already wonderful doctors.