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Chris Bell

What is Human Resource Management?

Does your business need to update its human resource management? Or maybe you are starting up a new business and want to know more about what this is and what you need to do. Human resource management is essentially just the function within an organisation that recruits new employees, manages current employees, and provides direction for those who work in the organisation.  This section of a business provides a wide array of help and knowledge to ensure the smooth running of the company and to ensure that staff are happy and well taken care of. Without great Human Resource Management, you cannot expect your business to be a success.

What Is HR Responsible For?

The HR team is responsible for a wide range of company actions and activities. This can include organisation development to establish an appropriate culture in the workplace and to ensure that teams are being built up to inspire employees. If your staff are happy, then you will definitely see this reflected in the success of your business.  Other things that HR can be responsible for include employee and community outreach as well as being mentors to employees.

Line Managers and HR

Line managers often carry out HR functions and they are responsible for staff members contribution, engagement and productivity. What’s more, they will also play a role in the recruitment process and ongoing development of current employees. They will also be trying to keep superior employees happy to retain them at the company.

These jobs cannot always be carried out by people within the organisation and this is normally due to time and money resources. For this reason, many companies instead choose to outsource their HR instead. This means that instead of focusing on these more mundane, but essential, functions you can instead concentrate on the day to day running of your business. You will find that outsourcing is very common when it comes to training, temporary staffing and carrying out background checks. HR is now expected to add a lot of value to a company and, for most small businesses, in particular, it is simply not worth it to bring this in-house.

What Are the Modern Expectations of HR?

The days of HR staff receiving direction about what is the priority from superior members of staff is long gone and it is now expected of HR to be sitting at the executive table. Here, they will recommend different approaches, processes and solutions that they feel will be beneficial to the company and will help members of staff to more effectively contribute.

Strategic direction is now a big part of HR, along with HRM metrics to measure how valuable it is. If you are working in HR, then you should be working towards keeping your employer and company safe by ensuring there are no lawsuits or workplace chaos. Everyone must be kept happy within the organisation including owners, customers, employees and stakeholders.

Ensure your human resource management is up to date and effective to keep your business running smoothly.


Image: Pixabay