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Chris Bell

Do I Need to Hire A Planning Consultant?

Are you about to enter the planning stages of a building project but have no idea where to begin? Then you will need to hire a planning consultant! It is their job to offer you a varied range of services that will help you in the planning and developing stages of a building project, as well as take you through the environmental issues too. They will provide their expertise in the field to ensure that your building project plans are cost effective and that the entirety of the project runs to plan. Below, we have detailed for you what the role of a planning consultant is and this should give you a good idea whether you need to hire on for your project!

What Does A Planning Consultant Do?

Planning consultants will work on a variety of different projects and this can include airports, business parks and town centre improvements plus much, much more.

The first role of a planning consultant is to take you through the process step by step. At the end, you should know exactly what this process will entail and understand each stage of it. They will then be the facilitator who will provide you with guidance on how you should proceed through the developments. What’s more, they can also provide you with guidance on what decision is best and what path you should go down t make your building project a success.

Being a good strategist is another skill of a planning consultant as they will be the ones to lay out what approach will be taken with the building project and will endorse these ideas as well as taking on the advice of others.

Last, but not least, the planning consultant will work as a stakeholder as they should have a vested interest in how your project will turn out.

The Areas the Planning Consultant Will Take Charge Of

What is great about hiring a planning consultant is that they can be as involved in the project in the project as you want. This could be taking complete charge of the project or just as an outside expert who is there for guidance. However, there are a few things that you should expect from your planning consultant.

  • Responsible for submitting planning application forms and then conducting an appeal if the application is rejected. Legal expertise is needed just as much here as local knowledge.
  • Responsible for organising the Local Plan Inquiry or public examinations if it is a large-scale project. They will also act as your representative at any meetings.
  • Performing market research about how likely you are to be able to go ahead with the development. This can include planning applications and investigation.
  • Creating development and design briefs which all involved in the project should have a copy of.
  • What the impact of the project will be to the environment as this could prevent a project from being completed.

Hire a planning consultant today to take away the stress of your next building project!


Image: Pixabay