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Chris Bell

What recruitment agencies can do for workers and businesses

Recruitment agencies are a good way to connect people with open job roles. Not only do they have a pool of talent from which they can present candidates to companies, but they can work with companies to help with workflow and even make their employment processes more efficient and more effective. 

Here’s what they can do for you, whether you’re looking for work or you are looking to fill a position within your business.

For workers

Firstly, there are two types of agencies you can sign up with, and they will determine who will ultimately employ you:

  • A recruitment agency will have roles where you become an employee of the employer
  • An employment agency will fill roles for a company, but it is the agency that is the employer

If you are looking for a specialist role, you will probably end up joining a recruitment agency such as Devonshire recruitment. These agencies will work with companies that are looking for candidates with particular skills to fill certain roles. They may also concentrate on their local area.

If you do sign up to an agency, you may wish to figure out what type of job and industry you want to work within. Being clear about what you’d expect from a role may mean you’re more likely to get what you want. Be ready to answer any questions about your CV, too.

Once you have signed up to an agency, keep in contact with them regularly – maybe once every couple of weeks. If they contact you, then return their call or email as soon as you can; it shows you’re committed.

For businesses

Recruiting for open positions within a business can be time-consuming. This is because you can spend a lot of your day sifting through all the CVs of potential candidates, and some of them may not even be suitable for the role you’re trying to fill. You might not have a lot of time to find someone, either. So, what can a recruitment agency do for you?

For starters, they will have access to a number of job-seekers who may be interested in the role and have the correct skills for your business. Because they’ll have a database of candidates, they can then pass these good-quality prospects on to you swiftly – potentially making the hiring process quicker, so you have someone in the job sooner.

You may not have a great deal of knowledge about the skills required for certain roles, which will make recruitment even more difficult for you. Yet recruitment agencies can specialise in specific roles and industries, so will know what to look for in a great candidate.

Once you get to know a recruitment agency, and they prove to be reliable and know what you’d look for in a new member of staff, you will start to build a good relationship with them. This is so you can get high-quality hires to boost your business.