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Chris Bell

What’s Happening With MG in 2018?

It’s been over a decade since British car manufacturer MG was brought out by the Chinese firm SAIC Motor, and the brand has taken some time to regain its previous footing. That looks set to change, however, as the most recent releases have proven to be popular among both traditionalists and those looking to make their first car purchase. Offering some of the most value for money SUVs on the market, MG has clearly made a shift in focus, hoping to recapture that British iconography whilst making sure that they remain at Chinese pricing, meaning that the MG range is now one of the more accessible vehicle types on the road. MG are tackling their drop in popularity by the introduction of a range of cars that offer something for everyone, and those ranges suggest some bold moves for the future of MG.

Sales Boost

There’s no denying the fact that sales of the MG range are on the rise. Back in 2013, sales of MG models in Europe were hovering around the just over 500 mark, but by 2017 they had reached almost 4,500. That’s a huge leap, which can only be a positive reflection of the newer MG models now available. From the MG3 to the MG ZS, drivers and buyers are clearly finding something to love in the new range of options, and the trend looks set to continue as MG focuses on offering basic practicality with affordable prices. For those looking for new MG cars for sale, some of the prices might surprise you. With MGs, you get a lot of car for your money.

The current models

If MG hopes to continue their sales growth, then it’s all going to come down to their current range. The signs look very positive, as the latest models are offering a value that few manufacturers are able to contend with. The return of the MG ZS hatchback is a solid entry in the current car-buying arena and is perhaps the most representative of the current thinking at MG. Unique designs that blend perfectly with traditional and modern trends, combined with low costs, are making the ZS one of the more popular options for drivers. The MG GS is also making waves, and that’s because it blurs the lines between affordability and accessories, making it not just one of the cheapest models in the SUV range, but also one of the most practical.

What’s next for MG? 

It’s clear that MG is attempting to strike the right balance between what they offer and the costs. Perhaps that’s why they fought so hard to obtain the much-desired Group 4E insurance rating in the UK. This is the key to having some idea of where MG is heading, as they are very obviously moving towards providing affordable driving options for the younger market. The plan seems to be working, and the sales figures are proving that MGs current business model is succeeding. They are also looking very closely at the growing demand for electric vehicles, and plan to release an electric sports car in 2020. Whether they do get to a launch date for the E-Motion remains to be seen, but it’s very obvious that MG is making great strides to re-establish themselves as reliable providers.

Clearly, MG has moved forward in recent years, and that growth looks unlikely to slow down anytime soon. As a practical option at a lower cost than many of their competitors, the rebirth of MG seems set to continue.