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Chris Bell

Why Should You Provide Takeaway Food in Branded Paper Bags?

If you run a takeaway service, or if you run a restaurant that offers a takeaway option, you should think about the quality of the bags that are used to hold your food as well as the quality of the food itself. Most businesses will simply use blank paper bags, but there are actually plenty of reasons you should use a company to custom print your bags instead.

Extend your brand, engage new customers

Branding is one of the most important things you can do from a marketing point of view, and bags are one of the easiest things to brand. One of the many reasons why a company like McDonalds or Burger King provide branded bags is that it helps keep their brand visible. When you see someone walking home with a McDonalds bag, you think about whether you want one yourself. This can be even more beneficial for smaller establishments since people who have never even heard of your place could come into contact with one of your bags.

Establish your credibility

Let’s imagine that two takeaway businesses are equal distances from your house. They both offer the same food at the same prices, but one of them provides branded bags and the other does not. You’d probably revisit the one with branded bags since they make a business look more professional. If you put effort into making your bags look unique, it’s a good bet that you also pay attention to making other parts of your business as good as possible, especially the food.

Fit the bags around your own needs

Custom bags are about more than the design that you use – you can also customise them in terms of size, paper quality, handle type, and numerous other factors, and this can be strikingly beneficial for your business. Instead of providing one dish in a bag that is way too small or having to cram larger items into bags that don’t quite fit, everything will feel perfectly made to purpose.