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Chris Bell

Work Out on Your Lunch Break

Keeping fit is something that you should do if you want to enjoy life to the full. Physical fitness is directly related to your mental health, so if your body is not in decent condition you may not be operating at your full potential. We’re not talking about you being toned like a superman, but in good physical shape, and that means exercising at least for a short time on a regular basis.

The problem is, when you lead a busy working life and also have a home and family to attend to, you have trouble setting time aside to exercise. We’ve all bought gym memberships at one point with the serious intention of using them, gone to the gym a few times, and then found we couldn’t set aside the time to get there, work out, and get back. So, what is the solution? A home gym is one, and we will come back to that in a moment, but the other is to get gym equipment installed at work.

Convincing the Boss!

Of course, gym equipment costs money, and money is tight in business right now, so how do you convince the big guys that this is a good idea? Well, for a start, you don’t need anything complicated or needlessly expensive – all you need to do is convince them to buy a pull up bar, one of the simplest and least expensive items of equipment. It’s also one of the most versatile, so will be well-used. Pull up bars can be used for simple exercises and more complex ones, each of which helps tone important muscles, and you can be sure it will be very popular in the lunch break!

If your bosses are concerned about use of space, why not have the bars installed outdoors? Also, you and your colleagues could offer to contribute to the purchase, which will make it a more attractive deal. Then there’s the stuff we mentioned at the beginning – a healthy body is also a healthy mind, so it is in the company’s interest to encourage the workforce to exercise regularly.

Choosing a Pull Up Bar

The great thing with pull up bars is that there are many different versions you can buy, and they are also surprisingly easy to install and use. This makes them ideal for both the workplace and the home gym. For the latter, it’s just about all you need and does not take up much space, but if you are going to use it fully you need a good open space around it with no obstructions.

We suggest you check out using part of your garage if you don’t have indoor space, or even a section of your garden. Look for inspiration in public parks and open spaces throughout the country where bars and other equipment are being installed for public use. Have a look at pull up bars and what you can do with them, and then get talking to your boss about your new great idea!