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Chris Bell

Why Restaurant Booths Have become More Popular Today

More restaurants nowadays have booths in their space. Customers prefer booths over simple tables and chairs. Some customers are even willing to wait for one to become available if all are occupied. When you are planning a restaurant business, you should consider having booths inside.

Booths are much more expensive than tables and chairs but you can search for restaurant booth seating for sale that you can get at a bargain. There are a number of sources where you can buy booths. It is also an investment because customers love booths and they can satisfy their expectations in your restaurant.

Why do customers love booths?

There are a multitude of reasons. They can enjoy their privacy while having a meal with their friends or family. Since it is situated against the wall, one side is blocked providing much needed privacy. There are also booths that have high backs if the customers want extra privacy. This can block the sound from other customers conversing or keep customer’s conversations within the booth.

Booths are more comfortable because of the padded seats and back, unlike chairs that are made of metal or wood and offer much less padding. The large area for sitting is also an advantage and provides more support than ordinary chairs.

They feel cozy as well compared to chairs and tables that make you feel more exposed. Staying in a booth makes people feel that they have their own space which makes dining more intimate. There is also less traffic because other people pass by just one side. Unlike with tables and chairs, customers won’t experience being brushed up against or catching an elbow as much as they would if sitting on a chair.

Customers also have more room to spread out because of the large seating space. They can lay their bags or coats beside them. The extra space makes customer move more freely as well, while chairs make the customer’s movements limited and cramped. Some customers also bring their work with them, they can set up their electronic devices and paperwork in the space provided without any problem.

Booths are also sturdier than chairs. This will make customers less fatigued because of less pressure on the body while they eat. Customers with children are likely to opt for booths as well. It is easier to seat children in booths than in chairs.

Having booths can also save space in your restaurant. They usually take a little less space than tables and chairs. They can also be custom made to fit four to six people. It can be one of the reasons why customers keep coming back to your restaurant. They are also more likely to recommend your place to people they know which is excellent for business.