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Chris Bell

3 Ways To Generate More Leads Through Your Website

There are a lot of businesses out there whose main focus is to produce the most amount of leads possible. While leads can be necessary for all types of businesses, most of these businesses can benefit for having a website that helps to facilitate the production of leads. However, if your website isn’t converting your visitors into actual leads very well, your overall company could be suffering greatly. So to help your business start to prosper as it should, here are three ways you can begin to generate more leads through your website.

Optimize Your Calls To Action

Your website won’t be able to tell how many leads it’s producing unless you can get your visitors to convert and use the calls to action you have throughout your site. These calls to action should entice the visitor to do something that would turn them from a casual visitor to a legitimate lead. But to get to this point, you have to optimize your calls to action and make them the best they can be. To do this, Katherine Boyarsky, a contributor to, recommends keeping the design of your calls to action simple yet changing them enough so they pop out against the rest of the page. This could mean using complementary colors or design elements.

Consider Using Live Chat

Although most people think that only ecommerce businesses can take advantage of live chat, this feature can have a huge benefit for lead generation as well. Jonathan Long, a contributor to, shares that live chatting during a lead generation experience can help to answer specific questions a visitor has before they are willing to give out more information about themselves. This can build the visitor’s confidence in your company and show what working with you would entail. And because installing and operating live chat software is simple and relatively inexpensive, this idea could have a great ROI for your business.

Try Micro Landing Pages

With the fast-paced lives of many modern consumers, it can be hard to get their attention and hold onto it long enough for them to become a legitimate lead for your business. One thing you can do to combat this way of thinking, according to Dave McGowan, a contributor to, is to try using micro landing pages. A micro landing page is a call to action that will pop up on the screen when the visitor does something to instigate it, like moving their mouse over a certain area or attempting to leave the page. If designed correctly, this full-page prompt can bring in a lot more leads for your business.

If you’re interested in learning how to get more leads from your website, use the tips mentioned above to start generating more and more.