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Chris Bell

Do You Want People to Buy Your Food Product? How the Right Packaging Makes a Difference

The primary purpose of food packaging is, of course, to protect the product (for long shelf life, and against handling during warehouse storage and transportation to the supermarket). However, when you design the packaging, a lot of other issues have to be considered. It’s about protection, sure, but it’s also about being able to store it properly, about being able to attract the consumer, and about making it as convenient for the consumer as possible once they have bought it.

We haven’t even mentioned strong brand identity and exact or relevant information yet. Indeed, there’s a lot more to packaging than meets the eye. Do you want people to buy your food product? Here’s how the right packaging can make a difference.

The brand

Here’s a question that may seem silly at first: do you know your brand? What your brand stands for and how it is perceived by the consumer are often two different things – it’s important that you communicate the values that you have as a brand to the consumer in no uncertain terms. It’s not just about your brand and your product, it’s also about how your brand and your product stands out against all the competition that’s out there. Your logo should be clear and simple, but it should also communicate who you are and what you stand for, and your packaging should reflect this.

The form and the function

The shape of the packaging should perform in two main areas. First of all, it should be protection that allows the product to travel safely, to be stored safely, and to be stocked safely. Secondly, it should attract the customer – customers are attracted to shape, too, which is why Coca-Cola has long tried to make their bottles look like the silhouette of the female body, the famous hourglass figure.

There’s one other area to consider, however. Think about how the customer will use and store the product. Heinz made it a lot easier by allowing ketchup bottles to be stored upside down. That’s extra value for the consumer. Perhaps your mustard pot can later on be used as a glass for candles? Extra value is always appreciated.


Your packaging can be made from different materials. Obviously, your budget will have a lot to do with this, though the preservation of shelf life should always be your primary condition.

Packaging is an incredibly important part of bringing your product to the market, and not always for the most obvious reasons, as attested to by experienced packaging design companies. Design your packaging well – it’s extremely important that you pay enough attention to it. Go for quality and success.