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Chris Bell

A Truck and a Little Time: Ways to Make Extra Money with Your Pickup

If you have invested in a pickup truck the good news is that you have also created an opportunity to make some extra money with such a versatile set of wheels.

Here are some ways to make a little extra cash on the side using your truck, including the chance to make the most of your loading capacity, an idea for keeping busy through the winter, plus some other part-time opportunities that can keep the cash rolling in.

Making money from your motor

There are any number of good reasons why you might have decided to buy a vehicle like the RAM 2500 but once you have taken ownership and are behind the wheel you now have a number of different options to generate a bit of extra income.

Your pickup is designed to be an invaluable tool and more than capable of delivering when it comes to doing heavy-duty work, as it has a superior capacity for carrying compared to a lot of other mainstream vehicles, plus it has the sort of pulling and transporting power that should be a real asset when you put your truck to work.

Offering a popular convenience service

If you already have a pickup there is a fair chance that friends and family will have asked you for a favor or two to haul some their unwanted items away from their homes, which serves to demonstrate how popular you could be if you offer a waste removal and clearing service.

If you start to advertise locally and grown organically by recommendation there is a good chance that offering this sort of service to homeowners will prove to be popular and you could soon be earning a steady income with your pickup truck.

Another unexpected added bonus with offering to collect people’s unwanted items is that you can sometimes find items that have a value, they just don’t want it anymore.

You might even be able to make a bit extra from the job if you like the idea of flipping.

Make money from bad weather

If you live in an area where the winter brings plenty of snow this can be a scenario that you can turn to your advantage with a pickup truck.

There is good money to be made from offering a snow plowing service to residential and business customers.

You will have to speculate to accumulate and invest in a snow plow attachment for your truck if you are going to offer this service to a wide range of clients but the rewards could be well worth the investment.

Low-cost moving service

Some people don’t have a lot of stuff to move when they switch homes or they have a need for a cheap and efficient moving service that compares favorably to the cost and hassle of doing it themselves.

You can choose to quote a fixed daily rate or charge by the hour, whichever way you do it there should be plenty of takers and that extra cash will always come in handy.

Other business ideas include lawn care and garden maintenance services, as you have space in your truck for all the equipment needed plus plenty of room for taking away the cuttings.

Also, appliance repair collections and deliveries can also bring in some more income just for having a pickup and making the most use of it.