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Chris Bell

Impress Your Guests: Keeping Your Business Premises Perfectly Clean

Having a clean and tidy business premises creates the right impression with your customers and can even boost sales when you manage to show you care about your image.

Here are some tips on how to keep everything clean and tidy, including why you need to delegate tasks, how to minimize health risks, how to keep the kitchen clean, plus promoting personal responsibility for each employee’s own space.

It requires a team effort

Even if you have a diligent team of employees behind you, it is still probably asking too much to expect them to complete a weekly set of cleaning tasks without allocating specific responsibilities.

The best way of ensuring that everyone does their fair share of cleaning duties is to draw up a weekly cleaning roster where you give each person a certain amount of tasks, taking care to try and be fair with the amount of cleaning jobs each person has to do.

If there are any dissenting voices it is always worth pointing out that if you are inviting customers into your business space they will be judging the cleanliness and tidiness of the premises, and that can matter when it comes to trusting you to look after them.

Promoting a healthy workplace

Common areas like the restrooms need to be properly disinfected at all times so that you reduce the risk of a health hazard.

You can get all the cleaning wipes you need from a resource like RS Online and then make sure that key areas like restroom sinks, counters, and floors are swept and wiped frequently to keep any potential germs from creating a health hazard.

Also, allocate responsibility for ensuring that all soap and towel dispensers are checked and refilled when necessary and that sanitary bins are emptied regularly.

It is always worth remembering that if you concentrate on promoting a healthy workplace through keeping vulnerable areas like restrooms clean and sanitized, this often helps increase productivity and minimize sick days.

Keep the kitchen area under the spotlight

Another area that is prone to cleanliness and health issues is the kitchen, so emphasize to all employees that a collective effort is required to try and keep it looking spotless.

If you have provided a microwave for employees to use this can often harbor germs if it is not cleaned out regularly and washing cups, cutlery, and crockery after use should be a stipulation when using the kitchen space for lunch breaks.

If you have an office where clients come to visit you don’t want to invite them into the kitchen for a coffee to find that the place looks messy and unclean.

A tidy and clean desk

Another good way of making sure that your business premises maintains a smart appearance is to insist that each employee assumes responsibility for their own workspace.

Ask everyone to be mindful of clearing clutter, dusting and wiping down surfaces like their keyboard at least once a week, and emptying their bins frequently.

It takes a collective effort to keep your business premises looking clean and tidy but when you think of the impression it leaves on your customers, it has to be considered a priority.