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Chris Bell

Are You Exhibiting at a Trade Show or Exhibition? The Top Factors to Consider for Giveaways

Take a look around a trade show or exhibition, and you’ll find countless booths and companies that give away free promotional items to ensure potential customers remember them. Why? Because they prove time and again that they work – that the results are measurable not only in an increase in sales, but also in the generation of leads and contacts that increase business flow in the future.

However, finding the right item to distribute freely isn’t always the easiest thing to do; there are certain things to consider, such as your target demographic, your budget, and so on. Are you exhibiting at a trade show or exhibition? Here are the top factors to consider for giveaways.

Your brand

Your brand is important, and a large part of the purpose of free giveaways will be lost if you can’t make your logo and colours perfectly clear on the item. You have to think about exposure, after all – that’s the main point. Try to tie in your gifts with your brand and industry, and find ways to make your product (or your giveaway) stand out prominently.

Delivering value

Items that are immediately useful will obviously have a better reception than those which don’t have a clear purpose, or which the potential customer is bound not to use often. The more the person uses the item, the more they are reminded of your brand and company.

Your budget

Your budget is important, so there’s no need to go all out. On the other hand, you should consider it to be a marketing or promotional campaign, so don’t go cheap. If your budget is limited, keep the campaign selective but always maintain quality in your promotional merchandise.

Popular ideas

There are many popular gadgets and items out there; here are just some examples:

  • Smartphone wallets. Since smart phones are practically part of everyone’s life, you are sure to make an impact with this.
  • Tote bags. These items are very useful, especially if you give them away at a trade show or other event where many people can see your recipients actually using it.
  • USB chargers. They’re portable, very handy, and can (as is often reported) save a person’s day.

It’s not always the easiest job to pick the right item; you have to think outside the box at times, and stand out or be original – but when you find that right item, your payoff could be great indeed. It’s important that you handle it in a professional way, which means you should treat it like any other promotional campaign: formulate goals and create a system to measure your success. If you follow a systematic process, your return on investment could be great indeed.