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Chris Bell

Best Private Jets for International Travel

Before considering charter aircraft rates, like a Gulfstream G450 charter cost, it is likely better to know the plane that best suits your particular needs. For example, some private jets are manufactured more for national travel and not long transatlantic flights. However, if you are looking for a plane that can make those long international flights less cumbersome by eliminating layovers and refueling, then you are looking for some of the largest and most capable private planes on the market, global cabin jets.

Global Cabin Jets

While most private jet companies will have a variety of global jets available, it is beneficial to understand what makes them so desirable for international travel. For one, some of these planes boast a 15-hour flight range, which means refueling is likely unnecessary for many business trips. Also, these planes come standard with spacious cabins, standing headroom, in-flight service and a gallery, making international travel extremely comfortable.

Best of the Best

While there are several potential models to choose from when it comes to private jets for international travel, two companies seem to stand above the rest: (1) Gulfstream and (2) Bombardier. Gulfstream has been in the business of private business aircraft since 1958. Bombardier, while not as experienced, has established a sterling reputation across three leading aircraft families – Challenger, Learjet and Global.

  • Gulfstream Series

    As a leader in the industry, Gulfstream has established jets known for bright spaces, class-leading performance and bright, naturally lit cabins. However, while there are six models in the Gulfstream lineup, only two will likely fit the needs of the international traveler. The Gulfstream G550 has a flight range of 14 hours and can seat 14 to 19 people comfortably. Also, there is a baggage capacity of up to 20 cases. The Gulfstream G650, on the other hand, has a range of 15 hours with the same passenger and baggage capacity. With a 15 hour flight time, this model can make direct flights from New York to Hong Kong, which is comparable to widebody airliners.

  • Bombardier Global Series

    While Bombardier’s line of business jets is relatively extensive, for the international traveler, the Global series is likely the most enticing, especially the Global 6000 and 7500. The Global 6000 is considered an ultra-long-range jet and is capable of direct flights lasting up to 14-hours. This plane has a seating capacity of 12 to 14, and the baggage capacity is around 20 cases. Alternatively, Global 7500 has a range of 7,700 nautical miles or 15-hours. It can seat up to 19 and can carry up to 20 cases. While the prototype was just launched at EBACE 2018, the 7500 is expected to be on the market this year.

International travel is becoming a necessity of business, which means that travel and travel time are becoming more crucial to business operations. When you run an international business and want to get your people from point A to B as quickly as you can, you need to charter a global jet. The two companies currently producing the best in this class are Gulfstream and Bombardier. Contact a local chartering service to discuss your needs and options.