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Chris Bell

Sell More and Keep Products Fresh with Flexible Packaging

As a manufacturer, you’re always looking out for the latest and greatest ways to get your products onto shelves and to your target audience. If you’ve been diligent in your research, then you’ve already noticed the trend of flexible snack food packaging taking off in markets across the world. Why are business leaders worldwide choosing to switch things up and implement this type of packaging rather than boxes and other, more traditional types of packaging? Simply put, these more flexible packaging options have benefits you simply can’t find elsewhere, including the ability to keep food fresher and more efficient shelf presence.

Keep Food Fresher on Shelves

Keeping food fresh long enough for it to find itself into the hands of consumers is a top concern for those working in the food packaging industry. If your food can’t withstand normal shelf storage and goes bad or stale too soon, you’ll experience a loss in profits. Fortunately, flexible frozen food packaging and dry shelf snack packaging eliminates this worry practically altogether. Something as simple as lay-flat packages can be custom designed to suit the product inside with materials such as high-gloss films that completely seal the product in and keep it looking good on shelves.

Draw Attention

The film isn’t just there to keep food fresh, though that is one of its chief contributions to your packaging plan. It also keeps your product looking great while it’s on shelves. Unlike most standard boxes and plastics, the film used in this type of packaging can be customized heavily in order to share your brand’s vision and story with customers before they even pick up the package. With this more design-flexible option, you can:

  • Implement graphics that really represent your brand, with sharp, defined graphics
  • Choose from unlimited true-to-life colors
  • Use different types of film to create eye-catching effects, including transparent, metallic, matte and gloss options

This packaging gives you the design power to make something that represents your brand without compromise or shortcomings. From the look to the feel of the packaging, it will be completely and utterly unique to the product you’re looking to provide. This stronger shelf presence will draw more attention from consumers, leading to an uptick in sales you’re sure to appreciate.

Maximize Shelf Space

Another benefit you’ll experience when using this innovative packaging is the ability to fit more product on your shelf space at once. Stand-up jerky packaging and other flexible options take up shelf space more efficiently and provide your product with the perfect amount of storage space. Less unneeded bulk on shelves means you’re able to pack more in, which in turn means making more products available to customers on a daily basis.

Bring it All Together

When you get more products onto shelves, keep food fresh while it awaits customers and ensure it’s highly visible to your target audience, you’re giving your business the best opportunity to thrive. The best part is that you can accomplish this with nothing more than a simple, straightforward packaging change. Learn more about lay-down, stand-up and other types of flexible packaging and set your food product on the path to success in stores around the world.