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Chris Bell

Clean Businesses Make Good Businesses

In a world that’s gone crazy talking about pollution control, one way to make sure that your business stays competitive is to create the narrative that you are a clean operation. ‘Clean’ has a few different connotations, and all of them are important, so it’s vital to consider each of these pillars of cleanliness.

There’s the physical cleanliness of things like water management, recycling and garbage management, and creating a clean curb appeal for your business. And then there’s also cleanliness in terms of organization, which is where you want to make sure that things like paperwork is in order, both in physical form and digitally.

Water Management

Water gets a lot of attention these days. If your business chooses to create a clean water branding focus, that can do nothing but improve your standing in the eyes of clients, customers, and stakeholders. Part of water management involves having clean drinking water for the people in your building, and other parts of water management include making sure that your sewage system is properly regulated. It can be difficult for business people to get a detailed understanding of something like water management in addition to their specialty, so hiring third-party contractors is not unusual.

Recycling and Garbage Management

Another huge part of running a successful business is making sure that your recycling and garbage management is under control. The larger your physical space, and the more employees you have, the more garbage you are going to produce. If you have a recycle system in your business location, then not only are you helping with your carbon footprint physically, you are also providing emotional and systemic support for the image of cleanliness that you are trying to present.

Clean Curb Appeal

Cleanliness also is going to be a big part of first impressions that people get when looking at your business location for the first time. Creating a clean curb appeal is a huge priority, especially if something that you market has to do with the fact that you’re presenting yourself as efficient and organized. The better you look from the outside, the better that people think the inside of your business machine is going to work.

Organized Paperwork

And finally, we get to the topic of cleanliness with respect to internal organization. This means that all of your physical paperwork is clean and organized, and all of your digital data is clean and organized as well. This means that you have to have some sort of functioning file system for your papers, and some sort of functioning, searchable spreadsheets for all of your necessary digital data. There’s nothing worse than losing money because you didn’t organize ahead of time when it comes to these very simple ideas.