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5 Benefits Offered By a Workforce Tracking System

Although the term workforce tracking often comes with several negative connotations (especially from employees), without a doubt, this technology offers many benefits to organizations and their workers.

A workforce tracking system can help you manage overall field and mobile workforce performances better, reduce operating costs, and maximize your company’s ability to deliver satisfactory customer service. When implemented properly, employers and employees can enjoy these advantages:

1.    Provide better support to employees.

Typically, you will only get to talk to your field or mobile workers for a few hours a week. They will spend most of their time outside the office doing field and sales work, deliveries, etc. You will communicate with them via phone calls, texts, emails, online calls, and chats. There will be instances wherein you will have a hard time understanding or visualizing what your employees specifically need for a project or a client since you are not with them.

But when you can track your workforce, you know exactly where your employees are and you will have a good idea regarding the kind of help they need. For instance, if your employee is running late for an important meeting due to traffic, you can send another representative who will arrive on time. With the use of the right employee tracking software, you can provide assistance in times of trouble.

2.    Easier and faster use / access to personnel and productivity tools

A workforce management system not only allows employers to track their team but comes with other features and capabilities as well. These include automation of important HR and productivity tools:

  • Submit, edit, and check time sheets
  • Request leaves
  • Explain absences
  • Know available sick and vacation days
  • View weekly schedules and request for changes

With the software, employees can do all of these anytime and anywhere by simply using their device. Employers and managers will then be able to view time sheets, leave, and schedule requests in real time, and approve or deny them. The system will make a lot of HR processes go faster.

3.    Quick access to insightful information that can lead to improved work productivity.

Consolidated data from the system will help you get useful information, such as the most productive hours of the day for your employees, the average amount of time they spend on core activities, collaboration (meetings, sending emails), etc. When the skews in the work patterns are measured, you can use these powerful data points to initiate high impact changes in workload allocation, employ effective work practices, and even choose the best time to schedule meetings and performance reviews. All of these workplace changes and improvements will have a positive effect on the morale and performance of your employees.

4.    Enhanced communication and collaboration among the different departments.

With consolidated and actionable data and insights obtained from the system, all the departments including HR, Finance, Sales, and Operations can build better collaborative relationships. This will then allow them to better address the gaps and issues in various processes. Although each department may have its own views and priorities, everyone will still be reviewing the same facts, ensuring that all decisions to be made are data- and strategy-driven.

5.    Reduce operational costs.

Lastly, technology has made it possible for businesses to save money on various processes. A workforce management and tracking system will also allow you to cut costs on different aspects of your business. For instance, if you are still in the stages of starting your company, you can reduce the number of employees you will need because with the workforce management software, you won’t have to hire a payroll clerk or outsource this requirement. You will reduce your overheads and can then also allocate the money you save to other more important aspects of your new venture. With this software, your investment will be lower than if you were to hire new or additional employees.

According to TechLoc, investing in the right software and getting your employees to understand the advantages they will enjoy will enable you to have an easier time introducing and implementing the new system. You will also be on the right track to increasing employee productivity and motivation, and boosting overall operational and strategic improvement.


Oliver Threlfall is the CEO of TechLoc, a provider of innovative assets and workforce management technology for businesses. TechLoc asset tracking and business systems now have three international offices in the US, Canada and Australia and continue to roll out all over the globe. A Biology major at Deakin University and a born entrepreneur, Oliver also founded Steamatic Australia, a leading cleaning and restoration firm servicing Australian businesses and families.