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Chris Bell

Consider What Mifi Can Do To Help Your Business?

What is MiFi?

MiFi is a new innovative device that is appealing to businesses worldwide. A MiFi is a portable device that creates a WiFi hot-spot for you to take wherever you go. This connection, unlike your typical mobile data can be as fast as a home WiFi connection. Unlike competitors, MiFi is specifically geared towards businesses and they have a whole host of attributes that are appealing to businesses.

What can MiFi do to help your Business?

An Alternative to WiFi in the Office

First of all, MiFi has the potential to be a handy alternative to WiFi in the office. Obviously, WiFi will still be the main broadband connection but having MiFi(s) as backups/alternatives can be incredibly useful. WiFi is unreliable and has faults and issues on a day-to-day basis. This can be horribly frustrating. However, using MiFi could be a solution to this, giving you a handy reliable broadband connection in these times. This is great for productivity. Time you would have spent waiting for the internet to be fixed can now be productive time.

Perfect for Travel

Another reason businesses should invest in a MiFi device is travel. The majority businesses send their employees away to travel for work purposes. It can occasionally be awkward and frustrating to get a stable connection while away. MiFi makes things easy and you can get work done quickly and efficiently even while you are abroad.

Helps busy Businessmen

We’ve all been in that situation, you need to reply to a really important email or phone call but your signal cuts out. If you have a MiFi device you won’t have to worry anymore. This portable device is a huge life-saver and will help you in sticky situations like this. If multiple people need to conference call but are all on the train then it’s no problem as they can all connect to the device and have perfect, fluid WiFi on the go.

Things to be aware of with the MiFi

Even though the MiFi has a whole host of great features it does have some drawbacks too. The MiFi does run on a battery so you have to be aware of that when you are out and about and using it. Even though it can last 40 hours on standby; it sadly only lasts a measly 4 hours with active use. If you are planning on be out for a long time you need to be aware of how much battery you are going to use the MiFi so it doesn’t die in the middle of an important meeting.

A huge draw-back of the MiFi is its data limit. Like mobile data, the MiFi can only transfer so much data before it will charge you. Plans differ depending on how much you spend. The typical plan allows for 5 gigabytes of data for 60 dollars a month. Depending on your business or how likely you think you are to use it, this may be worth it.

The price may be hefty but if you plan on using it all the time then it is definitely worth it. You can compare MiFi deals at Broadband Choices. However, the MiFi isn’t something you should purchase on a whim. If you’re not sure that it will be used then it may be a cleverer idea to spend your money on something more useful/important.

Technical features of MiFi

Now we’ve talked about how MiFi compares to a home broadband connection, but how fast is it really? Sadly, it really depends where you are located. If you are in a populated city, the connection will be considerably faster than if you are in a remote area. However you may not find this to be an issue. It really depends. This makes the MiFi slightly unreliable as it can be difficult to know whether you should invest in something if you are unsure whether it will work to its full ability.

Overall, there are pros and cons to the MiFi. However, you can’t deny that the MiFi can be an extremely handy tool in the right situations. If you’re looking into purchasing one way up the pros and cons for your own business and see if the MiFi is for you!