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Chris Bell

Four Tips For Advertising Your Restaurant

There something different that goes into advertising a place where you want people to come in, order food, and maybe sit down to eat and have a drink or two. You want to do more than invite people in to buy some products and go home; you want them to come and enjoy the food and the atmosphere. You also want them to continue coming back time and time again.

Not only do you want your restaurant to attract repeat customers, you want those customers to tell their friends about your great service and food. If you want to get the most out of advertising your restaurant, here are some of the things you should be doing (which will not only bring people back again and again but will also attract new clientele):

Get On Social Media

Restaurants can benefit greatly from social media marketing. People are more likely to come across your restaurant on a social media site, like Facebook, than they are to find your website or your blog. They need to be able to see what you have to offer through your pages, though. Don’t just leave them guessing.

Make sure to have a high-quality photo of your menu in a convenient and easy to find photo album. Have photos of your dishes, the seating, and help give them a feel of the atmosphere without using words.

Create Coupons

There are plenty of people out there that will try your restaurant out just because they got a coupon. Whether you’re texting or emailing coupons to people, sharing them on social media, or buying ads in a local paper, get those coupons out there so people will be more likely to visit your establishment for the first time.

Text And Email Campaigns

Aside from emailing coupons to current customers or texting them (which is a really popular way of promoting almost anything these days), you can message them about sales, new products, and just message them little reminders that your restaurant appreciates their patronage and is looking forward to their next visit.

Local Advertising

Don’t just advertise online, whether that’s free or paid advertising. You also want to advertise locally. Much of the money your restaurant makes is going to come from people that live in your local area. Make sure they know you exist, and make sure they don’t forget where you are and what your hours are.

Even local advertising will reach people from out-of-town. They’ll pick up the local travel guide you have a coupon in. When someone local moves away, they might even still have the local paper sent to them to another state and intend to only dine at your place when they visit yearly.