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Chris Bell

Hair loss shampoos: are they really any good?

In times gone by, the reputation of hair loss shampoos was not good to say the least. Due to the advancements of science and technology, there has been huge improvements contrary to widely held belief. It comes with a warning though, do your research before spending your hard-earned cash!

3 Components of a good hair loss shampoo

Scientists now have studied the scalp and hair growth cycle in depth. Because of this research which is ongoing, a good hair loss shampoo can provide you with a range of valuable benefits.

  1. The primary cause of hair loss is the buildup of the DHT level which leads to pore blockages on the scalp. So, the idea here is to cleanse the scalp properly without having to use harmful chemicals therefore reducing the DHT level. The is the main characteristic of a good hair loss shampoo.
  2. Circulation is key and now there are also shampoos designed with ingredients to encourage circulation which in turn provides the follicles with the necessary nutrients for growth.  
  3. Some shampoos have thickening abilities which is great when the hair is going through a thinning process. This combined with the other shampoo ingredients will improve and enhance the overall appearance.

Find out the cause of your problem first

Considering what’s on offer, how do you choose what is right for you? The factors you should research, are the cause of your hair loss, your gender and other factors such as stress, sickness and so on. Most hair loss products have associated websites that are full of information. Where to find good shampoos will come down to reading up on the research to date and other customer reviews.

Help is at hand

Yes, shampoos of quality are probably where you will have to aim for and that means a higher price point. But, if they are good and have proven their worth, I think it is worth the cost. Companies now offer flexible payment solutions to get you over that hurdle.


It is important to remember that the health of your hair is also affected by other factors such as a balanced diet, where you need to eat plenty of nutrient rich foods including fruit and vegetables. Where possible keep away from heat products such as hairdryers and straightening irons as these cause a lot of damage. Let your hair dry naturally to allow the shampoo to have greatest chance of doing its job.

It might be advisable to go to a specialist company that is in the business of hair loss analysis. The market place is so full of various types of shampoos, it is first wise to find out why you are losing your hair and then from there get the shampoo that is best suited to your needs. Given that almost 65% of males and up to 75% of women suffer hair loss, there are many out there offering solutions and results are to be had. Yes, my conclusion is that there are good hair loss shampoos available for anyone suffering from hair loss.