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Chris Bell

How Technology Will Affect the Beauty and Wellness Industry

How one looks on the outside is usually a reflection of how healthy they are, which is why the beauty industry is often closely mentioned with the health and wellness industry – so much so that it’s usually even mentioned as the same industry. With advancements in technology readily associated with distinctive developments in certain industries, like the block-chain in fin-tech, etc, it’s perhaps more interesting to look at how tech will affect the beauty and wellness industry.

This is because technology, in the traditional sense, isn’t readily associated with this industry…

We don’t have to look too hard to get a solid idea of the impending developments in the technology that’s geared up to change the beauty and wellness industry. Any enterprising venture is about solving specific problems consumers might face and what better way to do that than with the deployment of some tech developments?

Beauty and wellness retailers will be able to tap into some user-specific data, to provide products uniquely optimised to specifically match the needs of each consumer. For instance, a certain consumer’s diet records, physical activity log, genetic predispositions, budget, etc, can all be used to prepare a precisely optimised health and wellness product mix, perhaps without the need for the direct involvement of a human personal trainer, dietician etc…

Fancy gadgets aside, which will undoubtedly house the technology that might bring us the likes of smart lipstick, the real technology resides in how the product itself works. So it’s not so much tech in the form of gadgets and gizmos, but rather the application of the biotech that would go into something like the colour-changing property of the smart lipstick.

Things could possibly even take a more permanent form, by way of the beauty tech that’ll bring us the likes of smart lipstick, so we could have things like mass-consumer-viable permanent makeup and other cosmetic enhancements.

Exciting times ahead!