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Chris Bell

How to Use Technology to Create Optimum Engagement among Event Attendees

All event organisers know that putting together a great programme is just the start. For the event to be a success, attendees ideally should connect with each other, engage with the event, and build an event following that will last much longer than the actual event itself.

But how do you ensure that attendees are engaged and making the most of the event? How do you use the vast number of technological options you have in order to increase engagement? Picking the right technology for your event and for your audience is crucial, and then there are ways you can help encourage engagement through following these guidelines.

Get the Basics Sorted Out

Everyone needs good Wi-Fi for an event to be successful. You need the basic communication structure set up before you can begin to build on engagement opportunities. It is never a good idea to completely rely on the Wi-Fi at the venue, particularly if you are hosting a large event. Use an experienced AV Company. AV Companies can create your own network and make sure there are backup plans in place to ensure that coverage continues even during a blackout. You can also work to create hot spots where you know signal is going to be weaker.

Make Sure Everyone Knows How to Use the Technology

You and all your team need to know how your technology works so you can all use it to maximum effect for enhancing engagement. If you can, take advantage of the project management skills of your AV hire company so that you know everyone is up to speed and there is someone staff can go to if they experience an unexpected problem. And make sure that you have taken the skills levels of your attendees into account. Depending on your audience, many people will not be as tech-savvy as you and your team. Have staff members on hand to explain and demo the different aspects of technology you have to offer in order to allow people to make the most of it.

Make the Most of Opportunities

Enhance attendees’ experiences of an event with technology; for example, by creating an app that allows people to connect with each other at the event, set up meetings, book breakout sessions, and message each other. This shouldn’t replace human communication but should make it easier to facilitate. Consider how you can use technology to allow people to easily take away information from the event and use it in their everyday lives. Integrate gaming options into apps so that people are encouraged to connect with different areas of the event in order to win prizes. And think about how to create experiences that people are going to immediately want to share on social media.