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Chris Bell

Simple Steps to Reduce Your Cloud Computing Costs

There seem to be hundreds of ways that migrating to the cloud can save you money, but you shouldn’t let the savings stop there. Even once you’re on the cloud, it’s still worth thinking about whether you may be in a position to decrease the associated costs.

Here are just a few of the most common ways to cut your cloud computing costs.

Reduce Your Cloud Data Usage

The more data you need to store on the cloud, the more you’re going to have to pay. That’s fair enough, and you should obviously store most of your data on the cloud to ensure protection from data loss. However, it’s common for businesses to end up storing duplicate files and older files that are no longer needed. It helps to conduct a little spring cleaning. You could find that you’re storing multiple versions of the same file across different folders or individual users, or you could find a hefty array of files concerning work that was completed and turned over to the client years ago.

Cutting the clutter can significantly lower your monthly cloud computing costs, and it’s not like there’s any downside since cloud storage typically offers easy and convenient scalability.

Check Different Plans

If you’re using a public cloud service, you’ll probably have chosen a certain set plan. But your needs may have changed since then. It’s possible that you’re not using many of the services that your plan covers, in which case you’re going to be paying for services that you don’t need. Assess your current requirements and check whether switching to a different plan, or even to a different provider, would save some money.

Seek Out Professional IT Support

Some people still prefer to take care of their own IT support, but an external cloud service provider can help in many different ways. For example, they can analyse the way you’re using the cloud and then suggest changes. Anything from more convenient access to reduced costs can be the result.