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Chris Bell

Successful E-Commerce Trends from the Past 6 Years

A number of factors influence how well e-commerce businesses do – it all comes down to marketing and creating a great customer experience. Here are some of the biggest e-commerce trends for the past six years:

Speed of delivery: Whether it’s a delivery of your own products or service, the end consumer wants to be able to get what they want, when they want it. Customers do not want to have to wait for delivery or for it to arrive. Some smaller delivery services now do less deliveries, some companies have moved the point of collection closer to the final customer, and so on. Think about where you can reduce the amount of delivery costs, and make sure your customers have plenty of notice of when their delivery will arrive.

Recognition: Both customers and suppliers want to be recognised, especially if they are using your company’s services. Consider what that recognition means, and how it impacts on your customer’s overall experience. Some companies have started giving their customers real-time feedback through email, and social media, and have even created a badge system that tells customers what they are the most positive about about. It can help you to focus your energy on doing things right rather than focusing on everything that is wrong.

Personalised communication: E-commerce customers like to be able to be in contact with the companies they are buying from, both during the buying process and after they have made the purchase. This can be one of the key aspects of your company’s brand – to provide as much personalisation as you can. If you are catering for the elderly, then you should be able to talk to them in their native language, if you are marketing online to younger generations, you should be able to talk to them in a language they speak at school or university. You can find out if your customers are online through a questionaire or poll, or by asking your suppliers. A lot of businesses don’t realise that customers might not be reading their emails or post on social media, and if your customers are having a bad day, you can benefit by sending a personalised note to thank them for their business, or asking for feedback.

Offline/online integration: The future of retailing is a blend of the online and the offline worlds. For instance, many new betting platforms that come online fall under the deposit 10 play with 60 casino category, by default, simply as a measure of claiming market share in a manner that has become standard of this type of e-commerce structure.

It’s important to incorporate this in your marketing campaign. While you should focus on your online presence, you should also be talking to your customers and potential customers about how you can provide an amazing online shopping experience. If you are selling to a customer offline, then it’s important that they can shop online with you at the same time. E-commerce sales support both elements of your business, whether they are just selling online or if you have a bricks-and-mortar presence as well.