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Chris Bell

Some of the best apps to help get you back in the black

Whether you’re attempting to make a success of a business or you’re keen to give your family a memorable holiday, saving money and keeping your finances in order is hugely important. It isn’t always easy, though.

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Due to the advancements made in our smartphones, we can now access a massive selection of apps that offer various helpful tips, advice and functionalities to help us make savings and avoid being in the red. Our smartphones have progressed so much that developers are keen to tap into various genres regularly. Casino brands offer much easier and secure payments with PayPal casino; then you have slicker banking apps than ever before, taxi apps like Uber and popular shopping favourites like Amazon. The same applies to budgeting and saving apps in 2021, with a number of them helping people get on top of their finances and build up sizeable saving pots.

In order to help you understand your finances and discover a stress-free approach to saving money, here is a selection of some of the best free apps for your mobile phone right now.

Money Dashboard

One of the most popular budgeting apps out at the moment, Money Dashboard brings all of your accounts together in one place. From there, you can view your current, savings and credit balances in one place and gain a clear overview of your overall spending. There are helpful categories: you can set spending targets, the app will help predict your income, expenditure and balances, as well as helping you save for various targets you might have in mind. With up to 70 banks affiliated with the app, Money Dashboard is a solid and reliable option to kick things off.


An excellent app at helping you make small savings here and there, Tandem comes with a range of helpful features such as automatic saving, it will round up all of your transactions to the nearest pound and then save any change, coupled with analysing where you can make savings and exactly how you can get there. Tandem also comes with FSCS protection, and it’s easy to grasp, too.


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Saving money can be stressful, but it most definitely isn’t the case when assessing Cleo and its fun approach to it. The app will save money for you thanks to a clever automatic feature, and it also notifies you when you’re close to reaching your overdraft. Cleo analyses your spending patterns and sets reachable saving goals for your smash, too. In terms of its usability, Cleo is slick and easy to use as well.


Yolt is another app which allows you to see all of your accounts neatly packed away into one place. It features credit cards, pension investments and banks accounts, and is linked with around 35 reputable banks and financial institutions at the moment. Yolt gives you the option of sorting your finances into categories, you can set spending limits and monitor your bills, plus a range of other beneficial saving functionalities.


Emma’s strength is making sure that you never fall into your overdraft and reach any sort of financial difficulty. It achieves this by keeping track of all of your debts, making suggestions around savings you could make, and helping you set budgets. Additional benefits with Emma include cryptocurrency investment tracking plus notifying you when you receive payments or have been refunded. Emma is a great option for people looking to do more than just make savings, although its savings features are arguably its strongest selling point.