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Chris Bell

Tips For Your Company Website

When potential customers google your name it is crucial to have a page for them to find you.  In this modern age not having a website is a thing of the past.  Think of your website as your online business card.  It should be professional, eye-catching, informative, and convince a customer to use your services.

Many people report that they make an assessment about a company within the first 30 seconds of scrolling their website.  If you have a website which is poorly managed, constructed haphazardly, and hasn’t got any design flair, your customers will notice immediately and see it as a reflection of the work that you produce.  Here are some of the best tips for making your company website a good one.

Customer Testimonials

One of the best ways to convince a potential customer that your services are worth paying for is to give customer testimonials.  When you are able to give a firsthand experience of how it feels to work with you then your customer is much more likely to give you a try.

Make sure that your testimonials are real or customers will smell it a mile away.  Feedback should be sincere and honest and state true facts about what you offer as a business.

Professional Images

Images which are grainy, poorly composed, or badly placed make your company look amateur and immature.  It is important to take the time to choose strong images which support your brand and company.  If you don’t want to hire a photographer, you can find many stock images online.  You can either pay for one which becomes your property or find a free one which may be used by multiple people. 

While saving money on free stock images is financially ideal, you may find that seeing your same website image in another place leaves a bad impression.  Originality is important when pitching your brand. This way people know that you stand apart from the rest in a unique way rather than a carbon copy.

Easy Navigation

A website which is too wordy or has confusing navigation is going to throw your customers off.  Things should be organized in an intuitive way which makes it easy for a customer to land from section to section.  

Each hyperlink should have a distinct description of where it goes and should be a different color, underlined, or in bold.  This way customers are clear on where to go and how to find their way back.

Clear Information

Rather than being too wordy and going around in circles, it is important to have straightforward and important information centered and visible. Your address, contact information, and the name of your company should be the biggest and most visible part of your landing page.